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Angie MacEwen

@Doug Welch wrote:

For clutch karts, the SKUSA picture is not nearly so rosey. SKUSA has no 4 cycle junior or senior classes. They do have a junior 1 class but it is based around the more popular Comer engine. They are considering developing a Kid Kart set of rules, but that was undecided if that was going to be included or not. This really impacts 4 classes, Senior 4 cycle, Junior 2, Junior 1 and Kid Karts. They could certainly be added as local option classes; we would have to develop rules for these classes (or adopt other sanctioning body?s rules) and apply for a local option. Not a difficult process, but one that would need to be done.

SKUSA fits roughly 70% of our racers.

Getting these classes as “local option” would not be a big issue. The rules would be consistent with what we have been running, with SKUSA helping us to fill in some of the areas that may be lacking. Also, they would offer full support on these classes, just like any of the TAG or Shifter classes.
They would answer any tech questions that might arise – and before someone jumps in about how SKUSA doesn’t have a clue about Sr4 or Kid Karts, they are commited to learn what they need to offer that full support. I am sure they have endless resources to get this done. The classes we are currently talking about would be Jr1 4cycle, Kid Karts, Sr4 Cycle, and the MiniMax class. ( We were calling the MiniMax a Cadet Tag, but it differs in engines than the already planned ’05 SKUSA class of the same title that will run Gazelles and EasyKart 60s.)

If the CSC and SKUSA events were the same, there would be another title to be won…. for example Kid Kart Colorado Sprint Championship AND Kid Kart SKUSA Mountain Region Champion!