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Eddy Wyatt

Hello Stan

I could be wrong, but I don’t remember anyone but the site administrator having the authority to place post on the home page. So no one else can as you say “knock you down”.
Not our call, however, do not think it would be a good thing to simply have a free for all where anyone can post there without going through, in this case Mike. In the past ,most of the things that have received home page viewing/consideration have been major announcements about upcoming special events, race day schedules or special recognition press releases highlighting Colorado Drivers or Race Team accomplishments. Similar to what one might see on Ekarting News. Just our suggestion that everything else goes out on the general or organization forums, series/club websites or in a group/club email.

We trust Mike will resolve with a balanced and effective way, where all will once again have an opportunity to get all call applicable home page announcements.

Have a Great Weekend!

Eddy Wyatt
Director of Competition