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Sheldon Potter

@jibco wrote:

Get the 12″. The bearings are actually pretty good, but the 12″ will be much preferred over the 8″.

We stack 2 karts and stands and other stuff on our 12″ and cruise 75mph with no worries. Regular bearing inspection and re-grease will keep it all happy. …

My WRX probably has the hitch at a similar height as your Honda. The ball holder is just a basic one and the trailer sits level. You won’t have a problem with that, there are so many ball holders available.

Jeff – Thanks for the info!

Duh, I also just realized, aren’t most karts wider, at least at the back, than the 48″ width of this line of trailer?

If so, any problems w/ this? Will rear wheels hang completely over or what? What about limiting the use of side rails as a result? Maybe I should consider a wider model?


Sheldon Potter