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@Dave wrote:

…There was a posting by”Owl” that I feel the leaders of colorado kart racing may need to review again. I would like to help future racers to get into the sport with ease…

As one of those new to the sport and just embarking on “learning the ropes”. I too would be very interested in a getting started document.

In my mind, the best person to do this would not be someone who has been doing this for years, but someone who has just gone through the experience and can remember all the little nits and wrinkles that took time to iron out.
So, my question Dave is would you be prepared to put together this primer, or at least build a framework of questions that the new Karter should be asking to minimise their learning curve? You are obviously passionate about the subject and have just gone through the experience. Who better to start such a primer?

Angie, are you familiar with “Wiki’s”? This would allow everyone to easily contribute their suggestions without the burden of work being on you – other than the initial setup and regular maintenance.
Just a noob’s viewpoint, :new feel free to disagree…[flame suit on]…