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Cris Schureman

@Brad Linkus wrote:

I have almost enough dirt, only missing the karters!

Remember the other rich snob racing country clubs that were never built? Genova, Ring of the Rockies, and one more that I forgot the name.

Field of Dreams, Brad- If you build it they will come.

Yes I do remember all of those “country clubs” and that was my first thought when I saw this “new one”. I just found it ironic with the post I made.

I applaud anyone who has enough disposable cash to join a club like that and race expensive cars. Those are the same guys who pay for my products and employ my customers who are also my friends. 100% of them are rich by my standards and 95% of them are not snobs. Hell, if I could afford it I would join one. We are happy racing karts and I am sure your kart traffic will increase exponentially with a new track.
Think of it as urban re-development.

PSA for IMI- If anyone has any extra fill dirt- Please haul it up to Dacono so we can get this party started.