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I’ve been following this thread for awhile and being somewhat new to the karting scene I’m glad I’ve missed out on the drama…..

With that said, Lee is correct in that the racers need to take matters into their own hands at this point because the track owners are not going to collectively put together a statewide series for the racers. Realistically, why would they? Business model, history, personal vendetta’s, etc., whatever is going to prevent that from happening. In reality, the racers need to form a meaningful organization funded by membership fees and sponsors (might be a good idea to not allow specific tracks to sponsor it) that can negotiate with each track that it wishes to hold a race at. Maybe take a look at what CJKC is doing as an organization and maybe use them as a model or try to piggy back with them outright? Whatever it takes, take it out of the track owners hands and instead come back with, hey, TTAC, IMI, Bandimere, SBR or wherever, we’d like to book your facility for X date in X month, for our series and can you accommodate us?

Ultimately though it will come down to whether or not there are enough racers to support it and then who would run and organize it? It would also take some time to build up and get the word out. Outside of having a racer organization to hold and promote races, it might also be a good way to help recruit new karters to the scene. In all honesty, karting as a whole seems rather disjointed in terms of organization so maybe a Colorado Karting Club might be able to provide some clarity.