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Lee Seigel

Ok guys I kind of feel responsible for getting this thread opened up. I am watching it and do not see it going in a positive direction. I see wining, pessimistic comments, finger pointing, and off topic distraction So here’s my input for what its worth. I do think a state wide series would be awesome but I don’t think it’s the track owner’s responsibility to make it happen. If the racer’s truly want a state wide series they should unite into a comity, association or club, put together a plan, then propose it to the track owner’s. I’m just the new kid on the block but I truly believe the track owner’s responsibility, is to support such a proposal that would be in the best interest of all. I know I am willing to entertain such a proposal. So lets get back to coming up with a solution. To putting together a 5 to 6 event state wide series

Lee Seigel
SBR Motorsports Park