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Tony LaPorta

Welcome back everyone to day two of SKUSA RMPKC racing at GJMS!

Today is the 6th and final round of the 2012 RMPKC series.

Yesterday provided great racing in most classes. The stock honda programs providing the best action of the day.

Heading into today, Utah leads the Border War currently 20 pts, to Colorado’s 16. There were rumors floating through the pits last night that inactive Utah pilot, Bonnier Moulton was going to enter in TaG Masters just to boost the chances of Utah. It also sounds like fellow MSquared and Utah pilot Mike Beeny is going to sign up for a second day of racing today, just to try and bring the trophy back to mother land Utah!

We are set to go live at the start of qualifying at 9:50 today.

The order remains the same as yesterday
1. Mini Max
2. S3/S4/S5
3. S1/S2
4. TaG Cadet
5. TaG Jr/ Sr/Master

Just a reminder the web address is (thanks again Brad Linkus)

Lets go racing!