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Stan Bryniarski

Cory and all other curious racers,
As much as I would like to have the ability to post an “accurate” list of who is racing, it would require YOU the racers to pre-enter.
Tony asked me the same question last night and I recommended he do just what he did, reach out electronically and ask!
Along with this site and ekarting RMPKC has a Facebook and Twitter page, log on, like us and ask others!
Example, every race I have a pre-entry list, a report from the host hotel on the rooms blocked, reports from the track for reserved pits and the on-line store purchases. If I were to cross reference all this information, guess what, there would only be about 5 common names but if you counted all the names on the various, lists would total about 50 different names.
My “preview” would be nothing but gossip and a waste of time!
Last year, we have 30 pre-entries to the regional before the SummerNats. The Thursday and Friday before the event weekend, we had 40 walk ups!
While we are on the subject, the pre-entry deadline for this event is Monday July 1st Midnight CST.
To take advantage of the pre-entry discount and avoid paperwork at registration, go to
Vist the on line store, get yourself registered and lets go racing! :dance:

See you at the track!

Stan Bryniarski
RMPKC Series Director.