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Ron Warthen

This was the first time my team had raced with the club (Thanks Mike Manov for the recommendation) It was fun racin’ with a group of people that know how to have fun. My Kart had some issues, the engine stalled on me during qualifyling and during the final but it refired during the final just as I was gettin’ lapped! Mr. Deason I was the one who ran over you coming out of the pit gate when your kart stalled sorry ’bout that hope I didn’t hurt the “Outlaw Flexi flyer”. Other than racing, the best part of the day was receiving a trophy, mine says 3rd place and I’m stickin’ to it, the only other karting trophy I have won is for the “Best Crash of 2010” so this one is extra special.

Thanks again to the club and all of the other racers, hope to race with you guys next season,

Ron Warthen
Lorin Cantrell