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I have to third what Ron and Kirk have said, PPKRC and SBR know how to put on a race! I’m new to karting so I can’t speak as to the other clubs/groups that run in the state, but I can’t imagine it gets much more fun than this last weekend. I had an absolute blast racing with you all in the TAG group, it seemed like every lap I was racing someone, and it was nothing but hard clean racing as far as I could tell. More than that though, the atmosphere was awesome, everyone seemed to have a permanent grin on there faces in the paddock, and there seemed to be a genuine camaraderie between the competitors. I went to the last Racing the Rockies series race at the The Track, and the difference was night and day. Yes the competition level was higher at The Track, but all the fun and the camaraderie was gone, on the pre-grid it was dead silent with no one talking to each other and after the race everyone seemed slightly pissed off and eager to get back to their trailers, at SBR everyone was shaking hands and talking to each other about what a great race they had. I know I can’t wait to be back next year, and I’ll be looking for that first win! (I think I might need to change my kart number to 6 though, that seems to be the secret 😉 )

On a final note, I want to personally and publicly thank Mike Manov, he was next to me in the paddock at my first race and he took it upon himself to be somewhat of a mentor to me. From helping to figure out the general flow and structure of a race day to offering me jetting advice, his help really has been invaluable to a newcomer like me and our sport could use more people like him. He even let me borrow his spare clutch for the day at this last race after mine failed during qualifying.

Randy Tallon (#172)