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Greg, we’ve talked about this in pieces over the past year and it’s a huge concern. There were zero rookie drivers in Rotax Masters or Senior at the Track this year. If that doesn’t raise red flags with track operators throughout the state then we’re in trouble. We need new bodies desperately.

This year marked 2 1/2 years of me being involved in karting and I remember being frustrated early because there is really no source that outlines the very basics such as safety equipment requirements, general kart tech requirements, what the basic types of karts are and lastly what are the driver requirements to be able to race. I’m probably more persistent than most so I kept researching but could see where someone who was doing basic research would throw in the towel pretty early on. It’s overwhelming. Without the presence of an adult Colorado Karting club, this issue is going to live and die with all of the tracks, including the rental tracks and how it’s marketed. There desperately needs to be marketing information available at any track to market competition karting to the thousands of people that come and drive rentals each year. If you get even 5% to make it to the track with their own kart, that’s 5% more than what we had this year. Maybe part of that marketing includes making available an arrive and drive rental with support for a cost that is appropriate but not unreasonable. Lastly, there needs to be a visible race within Denver that will attract the casual observer, whether that’s Pepsi Center or Mile High or some other venue through one of the local tracks or SKUSA, it needs to happen.