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Roger Miller

Greg, I know I would be glad to sit down and talk about what we tried at PPKRC, what worked and didn’t. I believe most of the Board would be open to a sit down with other organizations to find ways to enhance the karting experience and grow the sport. Regardless of what some think, I may not be racing but I’m staying involved to help transition and help support the new PPKRC boards efforts to move karting forward. Sometimes it helps to get new faces into the sport on a regular basis to keep the sport fresh with new ideas and direction. I applaud you and others efforts in trying to find new ways and maybe some old ones in growing the sport. Many of us grew up either karting or driving quarter midgets and have stayed with motorsports our entire lives, some like me, used karting to introduce my kids to motorsports and some have stayed, while others have moved on, all of which should be respected. What we need to do is to find either the entry level folks or the guys like me that came back to karting and provide an experience that meets their needs, regardless of location, cost, series, etc… we all need to be promoters of the sport and respect the fact that some may have more means then others and celebrate the fact that anyone who races regardless of time, money or experience is welcome. I’d suggest using other forms of racing as examples where in most cases all levels are welcome to a race. We should look to those programs successes and model ourselves after some of them. Why try reinvent when others have already gotten it right. Pull together the best practices and move forward with them. Greg it’s good to see new blood taking up the cause to make karting better, stronger and more fun all. Let me know what I or PPKRC can do to help the cause. PPKRC has new leadership that I believe will also help to move karting forward in a positive direction.