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Les Prins

I want to share from our experience and other accounts about the cost of LO206. The LO206 when run by the Briggs rule set along with a long lasting spec tire is a very good combination. This has been proven in Canada and in other areas around this country. The LO206 was one of the largest classes at the Rock Island Grand Prix this year (49 racers in Medium and Heavy). Most racers are able to run competitively from out of the box and for up to 3 years with proper oil changes and lapping the valves after every season AND are top finishers from year 1 to 3. Complete packages from mount to exhaust to clutch can be found for $700-$800. If you mess up and need a just a new engine, they are around $550. The sealed short block if you can replace it yourself is around $250. Much less expensive than any other engine, even a clone package (cost of these are getting out of hand out east because of rule sets). With this package, there is minimal gain to be found in tweaking the engine. We and most others have found the most gain in setup and driving skills (practice). This is why the CJKC went with the LO206 for the JR1 class and the Kid Kart class (JR LO206)

Lots of information can be found online: