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Roger Miller

Tony as usual you seem to miss the point, you age is showing again. Cost and a generation of Kids/Young adults who haven’t grown up as gears heads like most of us are just a few examples of why karting is suffering. Lets start off with cost, as you mature and have a family you will be faced with decisions as to how one spends the family money on entertainment or sporting activities. If you have kids the cost of having them play a field sport seems to be the best route until they either excel at it or start to have major injuries. If your interested in karting the initial investment for some families seems very high, one needs to by a kart, tools, tires every race, driver safety equipment and so on ( maybe even a trailer). So the CFO of the Family (Mom) who controls the check book looks at karting verses playing soccer/baseball/volleyball, or the CFO (your wife) decides that she rather travel and vacation rather they watching you go through a mid life crises. The cost of entry for most adults wanting to get into karting really isn’t that bad for most, but for the younger generations, like yourself, ( I don’t recall you having a Kart right now, Maybe budget or cost is an issue) they find that trying be competitive with the Falcons of the world is impossible. Cost is an issue for those that we are trying to attract to the sport, PPKRC has spent the last three plus years trying to get folks into karting, having folks tell us that cost is an issue.

Now the other issue, Lack of gear heads, how many young dads today really work on their cars anymore, most don’t even change the oil anymore. When PPKRC went out and talk to folks we found that Dads were as much the issue as the cost was. They seem dumb founded as to how they could even support their kid in karting if they couldn’t even change a spark plug. PPKRC decided to create what is called the “Youth Sponsored Racing League” YSRL. This was is an attempt to help get those fathers and kids into the sport and help them understand that they can work on the kart and afford to participate in karting. The clubs need to be the starting ground for entry level karting and the SKUSA’s of the World for the next level up. But, we need to do this together, not separately. Tony, my point is simple, NASA who PPKRC worked with and used as blueprint has been attracting new folks into their sport by providing entry level to very serious drivers a one stop place to go and enjoy racing, regardless of budget. Tony I’ll excuse your rudeness and lack of respect to your youthfulness and lack of knowing the real facts. Tony, I’ve been involved in motorsports far longer then you’ve been alive my son. Karting will always be a major part of racing and its been a big part of the Miller family, we enjoyed it and have great memories. Tony be an spokesperson who represents all of karting and not just one facet of it. You can play either a positive role or a negative role by not seeing the big picture, that will come with more experience and time. Tony I wish you the best in your announcing roles, it obvious you are very talented ,and maybe someday we’ll recommend that you come announce at the SCCA and NASA races.