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Roger Miller

Guys its purely cost and bang for the buck, and a lot of other stuff.

PPKRC is doing everything you are all talking about, it takes all the other clubs and tracks to do the same thing. There’s a reason why folks get out or don’t even enter karting, Cost and Bang for the buck. NASA has gotten it right, they include everyone, they created classes for everyone, they understand that not everyone as a huge check book. They train entry level drivers, they have programs for just about every level of experience and Check book. They market their program, they have rules that make sense. The drivers respect each other and appreciate the track owners. You can run what you have to driving very high performance race cars all at the same event. The Race fees match the level of racing/driver/experience. They party/eat “together” at the end of each day of racing. The actually help each other regardless of skill level with driving tips.

Guy this has been beat to death for many years, It about providing what the drivers what and need and doing it together at the same race on the same day. Quit dividing the masses and bring them together. PPKRC had it right, follow their model and you’ll bring back the drivers and attach new ones.

There’s really no reason to have so many clubs, organizations with so few Kart Drivers, you really don’t really see this with any other motorsports.

I like others had a great time in karting but finally returned to the big stuff, and found it to be more cost effective then karting.

Roger Miller
Former President, PPKRC

Now a driver with NASA and having a lot of fun at a price I can afford!