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Roger Miller

Richard its the cost!! That’s why there aren’t more drivers!!! Stan is right, this is for the very, very, very, serious drivers or the very rich. $55 dollars at IMI or $70 at SBR can’t beat it. Open tire, open Fuel, Fun and affordable for those who aren’t as serious. Scott’s right there are a lot of talkers ( Scott ), By the way, we haven’t seen Scott at any other races his year, so much for supporting all the tracks. We’ve showed up at every track the past few year’s that had a class for us to run in and welcomed everyone to run with us.
Hmmm, Talk isn’t cheap in Karting, it’s expensive. I can run a full size late model race car for a fraction of what it cost to run a karting operation, if you look and listen to what’s happen many are moving on to a more affordable form of racing, whether its Legends, or whatever, our youth aren’t staying in karting, it doesn’t pencil out anymore. Not to say all the BS that’s happened in karting and the fighting as to who thinks they have it all figured out and telling the rest they don’t have a clue and should listen to them. I will miss the actual racing with you all, but not consistent BS that I’ve experienced in this particular form of racing. Richard the masters are only the beginning of smaller numbers, wait until a few years from now when we don’t have really anyone coming up to fill our shoes, just look at the kid kart numbers or even the micro or mini max numbers. The entry point is crazy for a family to get into karting. The kids are the future of karting and the kids aren’t coming or staying in karting. Entry fees, tire fees, pit fees, etc. like you saw at the last SKUSA race speaks for itself. That’s why club racing is so important to the racing community for the entry level and older folks who are looking for affordable racing. So when someone says go support racing and they have more money then most, it doesn’t have much impact on those who don’t. If the karting community want’s numbers then the drivers with the money need to be the ones supporting all the tracks not just talking about it, while the rest of us really do support and go to other tracks and clubs and support them.

Roger Miller
Former President, PPKRC