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Leo Ahearn

Ray – I am the newbie in all this, and honestly don’t know who you are and what you represent (e.g., kids club, IMI), but will will offer these comments.

One – finding out what the program for the day was, what sanctioning body(ies) were involved, what rules would be in effect – was not easy to find. I found two different CO junior karting club web sites, one of which did not have any contact information available, and one that did, but kept coming up as a “test” web site…. I was able to get an email back with the schedule of the day (which I posted above), but was on my own to find out what the adult program was.

Two – having the event take place on the same day as the event in Calhan I suspect divided the attendance, especially considering that the SBR crew was actively marketing their event to junior karters

Three – last summer, when a group of 3 of us with TaGs and shifters were looking at IMI for an event, we were not able to figure out from their web site what what going on and when…. same issue I faced this past week.

Very clearly a chicken and an egg thing here. I considered driving Sunday at IMI, but calling ahead(as well as a poll of other drivers) the attendance of shifters was just going to be too small to justify the long day with the other classes to make the time valuable versus a test and tune day on my own or with a few others.

I must also say – after poking around on the SKUSA ProKart Challenge web site, I was rather surprised that there are only TWO S3 drivers so far in the entire rocky mountain series.

That last part seems to be telling re: entry level shifter racing. :peace and :new