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@Russ B. wrote:

I bought a used ’99 Margay that I believe is tweaked.

Can anyone recommend someone (professional or private)
that can help me diagnose the problem and straighten the
frame, if that is the true problem.

I’ve been chasing an extremely loose condition for a
dozen practices, and two races. I finally got it on a good
set of scales and found my LR & RF are very light.
When turned hard left the RF comes off the ground 1/2″.
When turned hard right the RF lifts, but not completely off
the ground.

Thanks for any advise or recommendations.

You may not be tweaked.

I’m little rusty on kart setup, but……….

Your kart may be WAY out of tune

When you had the kart on the scales, did you try to adjust the kart to relieve the imbalance? Was the kart wheelbase square? Were you in the kart when you scaled it? As Far as turning and lifting goes, the steering akerman built into the chassis will cause the inside front wheel to drop and the outside lift. It’s supposed to do that. If the effect is unequal, it could mean that the camber/caster/toe is all messed up.

It may also be that your rear axle is set up wrong – not centered, or ride height not the same left/right.

Is your loose condition the same when turning in either direction? – remember loose is not necessarily a bad thing. loose is fast.

One way to check your frame for tweak is to first make sure that the kart is even and square dimensionally – both sides the same. Make sure that the scale is 100% level. Then put the cart on the scales with you in it (both feet on the pedals and the pedals full-forward, hands on the wheel, etc.) and check your corner weights and if you’re still off try to adjust the corner weights buy working with the camber/caster pills on the front kingpins. If you can’t get it done, you could be tweaked. If you’ve never scaled a kart before, it would help to get someone who knows what they’re doing and has the proper tools – like a laser alignment tool – those really help a lot when scaling.

The other way is to strip the kart, and set in on a flat surface. If the chassis rocks you probably have some tweak. You can adjust to compensate, but only to a point. You can also try to straighten a twisted chassis, but that doesn’t always work, either.

You see there are a lot of things that could be wrong with your kart and not necessarily a twisted chassis