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Jeff Welch

@D fresh wrote:

As I said before, it’d be sweet if there could be a CSC (or maybe something to replace the Greeley Grand Prix) race out there next year. I know its not really a “sprint” course, but I’ll bet it’d be awesome.

Racing a full-size track is fun. They’re really boring to just drive in a kart, honestly, but the drafting battles in a race are ridiculous. You can literally be a second or two off the pace and still run nose to tail with the leaders. The races almost always end two or three wide at the start finish line.
A big thing with racing on car track is safety. A lot of times, there’s just not enough runoff room for karts. Walls meant to stop 2000lb cars are not kind to 350lb go-karts. If Second Creek still existed, I honestly would not race on it again. But, from the stuff I’ve seen on High Plains so far, it looks like it could be a really safe track to race a kart on.