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Mike Frank

@stacey cook wrote:

Because we have to sell the fuel

Ok, first off we were told at the meeting that Big T was the only supplier for the CSC races and that they would be there on race day. Next we were told we could buy our fuel before race day to avoid hangups with purchasing fuel on race day, we were encouraged to buy our fuel early because then there was less of a chance to screw up the schedule do to people not having fuel in time for their races do to long lines to purchase fuel. So now, those of us who already purchased fuel early to avoid delays on race day have to spend extra money just to race the first race. That can put a crimp on early season budgets for the racers. Not to mention that some of the racers, who only use maybe a gallon a race now have tons of extra fuel and if each track stocks up on fuel to sell and then requires that each entrant buy 5 gallons on race day, at the end of the season they have about 60 gallons sitting around!

Next, just what is the price of the fuels and the oils????