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Curt Kistler

That was the most amazing thing I have ever wittnessed. What a great day of celebration and hanging with a bunch of passionate motor heads.

My hat goes off to Rick and Lucy first of all.
I had no idea how much effort they put into this until I helped Rick load the truck. Lucy had to have been cooking for three days straight!!!!! And the food was totally awsome!!!! Rick, what can I, or anyone else say, You Are The MAN! Go Kart, speakers, amp, mike, stands, cords, cables, posters, banners, tires, tools, ,,,,I can go on folks, but hopefully you all wittnessed it to.

Your passion to Bobs better health has paid huge benefits today. You have been right there at the front of the pack gathering everything necessary for this day to be a huge success. Even hurt with a bad wing you were right on top of every detail today, and great pick for a venue, The Skylark Lounge ROCKS. That was the perfect place to host this event.

Jay and Tammy,
Thank you for being the perfect MC’s, food, prizes, lottery, everything you did today was perfect. I did not hear you both stop giving away prize after prize all day long. The kids had a great time due to your efforts, and everyone was having fun due to your planning and hard work.

The list goes on folks to the point where I stop here before I forget something or someone. The rest of the volunteers know who you are, and without all of your efforts this day would have not have been successful. All of the cooking, deserts, chips, trays…. I ate like a pig and loved every bit of it.

It was very good seeing Bob and his family all together. Bob looked good for as sick as he was, and I feel in my heart that today was the best medicine the man could have ever received. He will never forget what happened today and everyone should be happy for him.

Gotta go now, early flight out in the AM. Thanks to everyone again. This community has something very special going for it, and I am very proud to be part of it.