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Curt Kistler

@Kirk Deason wrote:

Phew—(can of worms). You’ve been around racing vehicles, stuff breaks on all of them. There are too many variables to say A is better/cheaper than B. Tag–how high are you going to spin it? Shifter–is it a modified or stock shifter? Figure 1,000 bucks or more for a full rebuild on a TaG at least once/year. A honda can go a bit longer and parts are often cheaper on a stock honda. I’d put a new piston and ring in a TaG at about 10 hrs, similair on a Honda shifter, more often if you are racing at the front for both.

Tires will eat your budget, a weekend of racing is about the same price as drifting (you mentioned about 400 bucks.) Figure 75 bucks for an entry fee, 240 (ish) a set for tires, fuel is about 10 bucks a gallon, plus castor oil that I think must be squeezed from baby seals,sprockets and chains are essentially disposable on a TaG if you buy cheap ones, plus the normal food, travel, etc and you are easily looking at 400 bucks. A shifter does not go through chains and sprockets anywhere near as fast, but honestly, that is a minor expense.

Someone will tell you to get a Rotax and may even lead you to believe they are cheaper than other TaG engines and shifters. Leopard(my09 and up) is a good choice as well. If you want to shift, go with a spec honda for reliability and reasonable parts costs.

I forgot this part–a shifter chassis will need front brakes, TaG does not.

And, if you drive like Deason, add another $4-500 per race for tie rods, axels, mood altering drugs, beer, and post race therapy.