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stacey cook


Alan has driven on most every track in the country so to even be mentioned is an honor. We are lucky with all the great people here in Colorado that come to our facility and really do appreciate the improvements we make, that is what makes it all worthwhile.

As for Alan, when you think of the perfect driver he it the first on the list in my opinion. The smoothest driver I have ever seen, so effortless and calm, also one of the fastest ever and most importantly a great role model for our kids. Sabre’ for one has tried to copy his style and is also very aware of how well he handles himself off the track with fans and sponsors. The one thing I never understood is why someone did not or has not put him in a racecar fulltime. Had he had a chance I am sure we would of seen him fulltime in either Nascar, Indy or maybe even Formula One..

Merry Christmas to everyone…