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Les Prins

@richardhensley wrote:


Are you going to build one and race on Sunday?

Probably not, I saw this post only a few days ago and I have not worked on a kart for me for quite a while. I will have to get one ready just in case since the interest in an affordable class may start getting some traction. I was for a World Formula class for adults several years ago when the kids were racing and I had a kart to run around the track with them on practice day, but TAGS and shifters were in style and the slow 4 cycles were not. I think what most forget is close racing is fun racing and close racing can be had without spending thousands. I think if a bunch of folks do get on the track with an LO206, Animal or comparable clone engine, they may be surprised how much fun you can have. Good luck guys, I which I had more time to get ready and join in.