Re: Race incident.


I kind of agree with Rich Vito, more explanation and talks need to be given to us “the newbies” Race line concepts that might not be obvious for some etc.
I was watching the whole thing when it happened and I think it was a race incident, cuased or not by a newbie is not the real issue, (it happened to experience drivers in the HEAT ) The issue here is what happend between Mr. Pierce’s PIT crew and and Allee’s father. The profanity of both parties, the agresiveness of both Parties etc. I have two Daughters and I am very protective as well… but we are all adults!

I do not know if the Race Director called the drivers and get things straight as soon as they got back to the pits, but it was obvious that there were more things to be said or explained.

Now the question that remains is:
What is IMI going to do next time there is a similar accident? or a similar Incident?