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I’m going to suggest something completely outside the box…..

Instead of trying to handicap the motors (like we’ve been doing). Why not just group the motors by type and simply qualify drivers into “flights” by times? Say 60 125 shifters show up for a race, you might divide them into two or three groups by times. Give guys that might have blown it in qualifying the opportunity to move up — not down. You could set a minimum weight, tech the fuel let everyone use whatever tires they wanted. At the end of the day, you would only need to tech the three top finishers. Maybe institute a “claiming” rule.

Tech would be easier, race days shorter. The fast guys would still end up with other fast guys, and winning would be just as sweet. Newbies would instantly understand the rules.

Anyway, its Winter……….The mind wanders. Just wanted to stir the pot a little. 👿