Re: Nothing

Rodney Ebersole

Blink, Nice package for a sealed spec class.
I do have to defend “Briggs” a little more sence I dought any one else will.

“The engines will not have a problem with the valve train when used below 6000 rpm.”

Humm, I bet the animal or WF would last a good while too if kept below 6,000 rpm.

“weaknesses like no two engines are built the same”
“then they are measured and matched for cylinder to piston height, head CC.”

Why do you have to do that sence all the Honda’s are built the same?

“What has Briggs ever done for Colorado racing in way of support or anything for that matter?”

What has Colorado done to gain any support from Briggs or even a Briggs racer for that matter?
Blink has been about the best supporter of Briggs racers just by allowing us to use his playground. But that is about the only thing George and Blink have in commen.

I am not saying a spec sealed motor class is a poor decision. I hope it turns into big local class of karters having fun. I just wanted to point out the “what if’s” that could happen if Colorado promoted and supported a motor that all ready has set rules and is being used nation wide by many more karting families than Colorado could ever obtain while useing an industrial motor for intertainment.

“Freeze, (the original Briggs aficionado)”
I know there is very little hope for my affection with Briggs motors here.
I guess someday I hope to be able to buy a motor to race with from Blink too.
Will the 4cycleTAG class have front brakes?