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Sorry but I cannot disagree more strongly with “No Harm No Foul”.

This is Open Wheel Racing and blocking or nerfing is dangerous.

Even Michael Schumacher gets black Flagged at times, causing him to lose a lot of money and his place in racing history.

If people don’t get flagged for blocking or nerfing people we WILL have serious accidents. And most likely the person getting nerfed or injured will be the person driving within their capabilities! If you allow careless or questionable driving you won’t have as many people finishing races. Only 9 out of the field of 17 in TaG Masters finished the Qualifier. Some of that was self inflicted, but some wasn’t.

Enforcing the driving rules will force everyone to drive well and will keep more karts though the full race. This is not Stock car or even Nascar racing.

The best way to keep everyone healthy and driving at their best is to throw a black flag when deserved. Heck even wave a rolled flag from time to time. Not sure why that only happens when a bumper is dragging.