Re: Kid karts


I am one of the parents against using the Honda motor, and this is why. When you told us in Jan. that you were going to supply tested & equal COMER 50’s I was all for it. Whatever happend to that test? The biggest reason I am against it is because you changed horses in the middle of the race. We were promised one thing and handed another, without being able to give our input. Correct me if I am wrong but don’t the majority of these baby karts come from Italy supplied with a 50cc Comer motor, my 2 karts did(no engine option). The basis of this class is low start up costs. I shouldn’t have to have two motors, when I allready have one that is recognized through several national sanctioning bodies. As much as I appreciate your generous offer to supply motors on race day at no cost, I don’t appreciate having to spend an extra $450 so my kids can test and tune. Don’t reinvent the wheel, just keep it true.