Re: Don


Don & Mike:
The organizations go into more than just tech, they really explain the procedures and the consequences of infractions against those procedures. You mentioned you appoved of Rusty as a good Race Director. Wouldn’t Rusty have an easier time if a mechanic went out on the track and starting working on their kart, The SKUSA and STARS rule book covers this infraction, and all Rusty would have to do is pull out the rule book. Having a clearly written rule book that has been improved over and over the last few years, is IMO the only way to get and keep good tech people. With your membership you get the same rule book that everyone else gets, therefore we don’t have the “I didn’t have a set of rules” debate. The CSC could attempt to write a similar set of rules, but it would either bring on a law suit for copyrights or be full of loopholes the organizations have already found.

We will join both STARS and SKUSA because we enjoy the fun and competion of going out of town, so maybe I am biased because it won’t be anymore money out of my pocket.