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George Durdin

As a self appointed visionary that thinks outside of the box you really should do your due diligence before sticking your foot in your mouth, especially in this age of information technology. Absolutely everyone, including Honda will agree that their engines are made for general purpose use. Your assertion that Comer engines are just weedeater and general purpose engines, of poor quality is untrue and unfounded.

I would suggest that if anyone out there wants to know more about Comer KART racing engines that you visit and get the information from the horses mouth instead of the other end.

Comer-Topkart is located in Bagnola, Italy and has been involved in the production of kart racing engines and chassis’ since 1990. You can also visit in the UK were the they build and SEAL the W60 for MSA competition. Apparently there are other visionaries that think outside of the box who have beaten you to the punch….and they have done it internationally.

A boxstock Comer K 80 junior kart racing engine, including a factory clutch can be purchased and sealed for approximately $815.00. The Comer rod is good for better than 60 hours with recommended top ends at 15 to 20 hour intervals…..that is four top ends before replacing the crank and rod. Many of them are very competitive well beyond recommended service intervals.

The Honda GX200 engine, that you are purchasing for $360.00 to 380.00 wholesale and then propose to modify for a Junior class is WAY too much engine to give an 8 to 9 year old entry level racer. These are the same engines that you are using for your rental fleet to push adults around your track at 45 to 55 miles an hour……..have you considered how fast they are going to be on a cadet chassis at 230 lbs.?