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Ron Rudolph

Good day Angie! Question are these rules sanctioned by IKF or WKA.
The reason I ask is because I purchased an engine locally.The seller bought it from a national engine and Kart builder ( Ron Emmick), which before I purchased the engine, I contacted Ron Emmick and he stated the engine was legal in both IKF/WKA. But after reading the rules for the comer 80, some questions are apparent. My concerns are that with Jr1 having three engines in the same heats, the comer’s are going to be a possibble safety hazard to the faster non-comer engines. So perhaps maybe allowing some mods for the CSC, do to the arrangement of the Jr1
class in the CSC series? Correct me if I’m wong but the animals have no fly wheel key in order to set the timing for our altitude which increases performance,and the exhaust pipe is an open Item as well? What would be the disadvantage of using the VEVEY PIPE and allowing the fly wheel key to be removed? and or an Open air Filter or is a conventional open ?Last year clutch was open, can the clutch be blue printed? Also why is the 10 tooth a #35 chain only
( comer 80 )
Please Advise :rotate: