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In response to your earlier post:
1- You were not “voted” in as class rep you volunteered.
2-Your discussion with Brad is just that- a discussion with Brad and IMI, not with the CSC. The majority might rule at IMI, but that is not necessarily the majority for the CSC. The IMI regulars are just that IMI regulars.
3-To answer your question regarding “who is driving the gear rule” A sanctioning body called SKUSA is, who strives to be equal, fair and safe in accordance with the rest of the country.
4-Your entire reasoning for the gear change is irrelevant, due to the fact that this class should not be about speed. It should be about developing safe racers that know the rules, acquire basic driving skills and learn good sportmanship in a FAIR environment.
As I recall the most serious accident in comers last year involved your son, you should count your blessings that there are parents who are concerned about the safety of their children.

Jay Jacobellis
Comer Dad/TAG Masters Racer