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Hey everyone! It has been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been following the calendar. Awesome show in Greeley btw, hoping the best for the driver involved in the accident. That bump was, from the beggining, something that should’ve been observed and perhaps avoided, my humble opinion. But it was great racing altogether.
Now with the budget and time to get the Scuderia Prodrive proyect a reality. There is a couple of options already, and perhaps ItalKart will be the choice…we’ll find out soon. I am very excited to solidify the vision of joining the Colorado Karting Club and be ready with a competitive machine for next years championship. This, of course, is just the beggining. I mean this to be a long time proyect, and perhaps a lifetime, at least as a sport. We will be more than happy just to participate, and get to know everyone in and out of the track. The 2008 campaign of course will be focused on the development of the machine, while looking optimist. I’ve been out and observed a few test and tunes (while we rent some lol) and the atmosphere is just awesome. I will report soon with my updates, to perhaps get a mentor for much needed information. I am open to trade numbers and such to start talking as well. See you soon!