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Dave Galegor

I LIKE THEM. (The MoJo’s that is)
Here’s why:
We mounted new tires for qualifying.
Since we had a whole 1.5 -2 hrs of track time in the last 1 1/2 yrs I aired up the MoJo’s, did my checks and sent Bret of to qualify. (should have checked the stuck powervalve!) Got powervalvue problem found and fixed before the heat race, didn’t bother to check the MoJo’s, he came in complaining about the chassis setup, checked the tires, LEFT FRONT NO AIR! it bleed out of a bead lock.
So the good new…………….No DNF because of flat tire, the MoJo’s will roll with out air! (handle bad, but will roll)
(Just thought someone might get a kick out of what happened)

But here’s the real deal about the MOJO’s.
1. Everyone is on the same tire, they just have to find a way to make it work for them. I believe the Mojo actually helps make a spec. class a spec. class.
2. Part of the idea of the Mojo is to help keep cost down.
The MoJo’s seem to last a long time to me.

So at least for me, it’s “much ado about nothing”.

Tom, on pressure for the Arrow B-Max, we like 9lbs.
Do not recommend, RR 9lbs, LR 9lbs, RF 9lbs, LF 0lbs :loony: