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I dropped 2 seconds as well from where I started. I plan on dropping a couple more-I wont say what my times are but feel better than I thought I would. Especially as a rookie driver. My only concern at this point is being out there with all of the MG guys and getting punted from behind again.
Maybe Jim will find it in his heart of darkness to separate us.

“‘Master, do we seek victory in running the Mojo’s?’ -disciple Caine
‘Seek rather not to contend.’ -Master Kan
‘But shall we not then be defeated?’
‘We know that where there is no contention, there is neither defeat nor victory. The supple willow does not contend against the storm, yet it survives. Nor do illusory Mojo tires contend against the obvious MG…only the pavement can know the true Master.
…skidding will tear the rice paper Grasshopper, driving is preferable ‘” -Master Kan