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Rick Schmidt

My Family had a great time, my little one even dressed up with the Nascar suit, my oldest one wants to practice a few laps this coming weekend and my wife is going to give it a try as well…. no bad.

Your little one just melted me, she is so cute and looked very cool in her driving suit. Be careful letting the older one try it or you may have to get a bigger trailer sooner than you thought!

We appreciate the support and great comments we received from other drivers, we are still learning and willing to hear feedback and apply new concepts, such as better race lines (Mr. Mike Jansen)

Mikes one of the best drivers out there, we just need to slow his hands down this year (don’t we Mike) he helped Roman so much when he was starting. So many good people.

Even Luis with a bad rib injury was so in to it that he raced the whole thing…. (He is paying for it now Laughing )

I’ve injured my ribs racing Super Karts twice and not stopped racing. Prayer may be the only thing that can accelerate an injured rib to heal.

Great to see you also at the track and even better yet knowing you are back on the game.
(time to change my avatar for the new look)

Thanks, I’m doing pretty good. And you need to update your avatar to show off your new look!

See you at the track,