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Rick Schmidt

jj Posted: Tue 03 13, 2007 2:30 pm Post subject: no Harm – This Time
Sorry but I cannot disagree more strongly with “No Harm No Foul”.

Easy big guy! I was speaking of this being in the past tense. Only thing we can do now is learn from it and not do it again. I obviously feel strongly as well or would not have made the comments I did.

jj Posted:
This is Open Wheel Racing and blocking or nerfing is dangerous.


You’re going to be racing in what may have some of the closest battles of any class. There is also very high degree of respect among racers in this class. For the most part there is not intentional blocking or contact. but you’ll be surprised at the amount of contact. Come show me your body work at the end of the season.

So I strongly disagree with you disagreeing with what I said, kinda. I think the young man needs to know whats up, the flaggers need take more agressive action (if Ian was here this would have been adressed instantly, but looks like he has his hands full right now) but mentioning it on the forum will get this info out. I also agree with flag review at the drivers meeting.

Honestly, the 1st race of the year can get a little rough. We have had some really bad 1st races before and maybe should lay out a longer drivers meeting at the the first race or so. Compared to 2 years ago at the first race at Grand Junction this went well! :cheers:

Anyway, look forward to racing with you this year. Roman is blowing the rust off and we’re going to give you guys a run.