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Curt Kistler

Your crew did a great job and worked very hard, esecially for the guys who just sit in their kart after a spin, waiting for a push. :rotate:

There needs to be a refresher post on how to get your stuff in a safe place, and then worry about a push. (Which used to be illegal BTW) The corner workers should never drop their flag to run to another location. It opens up the opportunity for another collision.

The blue flag needs a little more excersise also. Chris got held up pretty bad at the end of our main for 2-3 laps.

All-in-all, the noobie shifter guys did a great job holding their lines once they were caught by Ben dominating the shifter class. It was the new helmut. That thing needs to be teched! I think the wicker bill is too high!

Nice job Ben. You look good in black!