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Taylor Broekemeier

I don’t think I can answer many of your questions, but from racing nationally, though not with Rmax, the decision to use rain tires is up to the racer. Though you would have to be pretty dumb to use slicks in a legit rain. At least that was Stars of Karting’s rule about tires.

As for rain suits and all those accessories, they’re not required as well but let me tell you from experience that you will want a rain suit. I had one and still managed to get pretty drenched. You don’t necessarily need a swirler either. Use a clear visor and drill a few 1/4″ holes in the lower portion or you will fog it up real quick.

You’ll also want some narrower rear rims because rear rain tires are about an inch and a half narrower than rear slicks and they don’t seat on slick rims very well. The fronts are about the same and don’t require a different rim.