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Absolutely…in regards the contact between Pruett and Montoya, I have to blame it on the team itself. They have both drivers on the radio, and surely a plan for the race. Montoya came in a little aggressive, that’s granted, but Pruett closed the door generating contact…it could’ve definitely been avoided by radio altogether. Sad to see Pruett get the worse part of the ordeal, he was clearly setting a pace like Montoya. Felicitaciones Eddie, gran trabajo Colombiano! (yeah, that pitstop was uncalled for…I guess that move would’ve been more clear to his advantage if he didn’t have to deal with all those yellow flags, since the rest had to stop regardless for the last pitstop). Scott Pruett came back from 17th to 5th to the end!!!…Ganassi boys sure are tough.
You are right Larry, I can see why it is so much oval driven…sorta get the most for the money while watching it. How about splitting the calendar half and a half? (oval-road)