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larry toby

We missed the race because we were at the track practicing. It sounds like it was an exciting, controversial, race. No doubt road courses make for exciting and challenging racing for drivers. In particular, kart racers can identify with road courses.

I?m glad Nascar includes some road courses. However, you can?t ignore the fact that for a spectator it is more difficult to watch all the action on a road course than it is on an oval track. The popularity of Nascar?s oval tracks over road course racing is largely due to the oval tracks being more spectator friendly. More spectators means more advertisers which means more revenue.

MX went through the same thing over the last generation. MX has been around for a long time but when someone decided to bring it into a stadium (birth of Supercross) the popularity and money increased exponentially. Supercross is more spectator friendly than motocross. Some purists don?t see Supercross as a legitimate form of ?true outdoor motocross? racing. The Supercross racers, promoters, teams and sponsors are laughing all the way to the bank.