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Rodney Ebersole

That kart for sale will probably fit you like a glove.
What your on will make very little differance untill you know what it needs for adjustments and driving style. Pro karters are at the front of our local racing no matter what brand or class of kart they are racing.
Some one may rent some sort of combo to ya, but then after paying the rent and possible more after tearing it up while learning you wouldn’t have a used kart to sell.
After 25 years of kart racing the last thing I exactly know is what new chassi or even motor package I preferr.
The Rmax is allready perfect for a baby not ready to jump into karting.
You will see the same packages in the front and rear of the pack, with the only diffeances being the tuning and testing experiance of the driver.
What other motorsports competition could you participate in with only
3-4 thousand bucks for start up equipment that has potential to win?