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larry toby


If that was the only point you were making then I would say I agree with you when personal issues are at stake. However, what better forum (pun intended) to discuss non-personal issues within the Colorado karting community than on this forum. One topic of much interest to the karting community is excessive noise. I don?t know who you are (your user name is non descriptive and you haven?t put your name on your post) or who the driver of the number 5 kart is. I don?t have a personal issue with you or that driver but if I had seen the driver of that kart in the pits I would have been more than happy to share my perspective with him. Since I had no authority to do anything but express my concerns about excessive noise I didn?t take time to quit what I was doing to seek this person out. I wasn?t overly concerned. I certainly wasn?t any more concerned than the hundred or so other people at the track discussing this issue.

The Colorado Karter is a great place to discuss the issue of excessive noise in general. In this case, we have a specific example created when someone chose to show up in a public place with that kart and publicly proclaim through their behavior that excessive noise is acceptable. I didn?t start this discussion. I simply added to the discussion this driver (whoever he is) started when he took that kart on the track. While I am not obsessed with this issue I will gladly go on record as saying the level of noise from that kart should not be tolerated. How long do you think Jim could keep The Track opened if karts ran at that noise level everyday? Speaking from personal experiences I know it would not be very long. It would be a real shame if a lot of people lose out because of the behavior of a few. That is my only point on this matter. I have no other dog in this fight so to speak. If you or someone else feels different about this issue, or the same for that matter, share your perspective. That is what this forum is for ? to share ideas openly, debate issues, challenge the status quo, etc. This is exactly the kind of discussion that leads to the betterment of the karting community. No one should feel personally attacked by a healthy discussion of an issue that they are a part of. If they do then they need to toughen up or get out. :cheers: