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Justin Mueller

I have been reading this for about a year and it is really sad when one person has a problem with another and they post it for the entire karting world to see if they so choose to read this forum. I think it is much better to confront the issue you may have with that other person face to face and work it out that way rather than complaining or if you have a complaint with a shop owner or a track owner call them personally on it don’t post it. I think as adults if you want to complain at least come to the table with a resolution.. I have learned a lot reading posts I think that is the way we should keep the Colorado Karter rather than making it a %^&*($ session. If I was out of state reading some of these posts I would think that Colorado had a lot of winers racing Just my point of view looking at Colorado as a wonderful Karting community My wife just looked at this and said to pull up our jock straps and go race……