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Doug Welch


Why are you trying to stir up trouble when none exists? As of March 1st, I have the list of everyone in the United States that has signed up with Rotax. As of the date of that list, more racers have signed up for the Mile High Challenge than any other in the state. In fact, the Mile High Challenge is one of the largest in the country.

I hope CRE does in fact get more Rotax guys signed up. I know that the Mile High challenge will get a bunch more as well. It’s all good for Rotax if we have two of the largest series in the country and its great for karting in Colorado. I also hope that many of the CRE Rotaxians race the occasional Mile High Challenge as I’m sure some of the Mile High guys go southward. For those racers who are serious about preparing for the Grands, they will need to get all the racing in they can against others with Mojo’s.

If CRE can get a strong program and so can the Mile High Challenge, what’s wrong with that? You will notice that most of the names on the Mile High list are new to Rotax racers, and that is very, very good for Rotax. You seem to want to make this an us vs them thing when I prefer to look at it as how great can the Rotax program get. A big program at CRE only helps Rotax, it only helps promote the grands and we stand a better chance of seeing a Coloradian in Dubai next fall.

That’s my goal, to see one of our guys going to the worlds. In the past, its been guys from Florida, California and Texas mostly going. Time to change that. The fact that when we only had a couple fo guys last year and this year we have so many, that speaks well for what Jim and Rotax hoped to accomplish by bring the grands to Colorado.

By the way, Rich you are on the list of racers who have not renewed.