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Rick Schmidt

This weekend is for getting stuff ready to run.

AJ. has a 4-stroke you can ride, it is a really cool power band to drive. We can drop a seat insert in it for you. It’s kinda cool to drive a few different packages to give you a reference of what you do and don’t like.

It’s cool you’re picking up on the nuances of your machine. I had to make big changes to Romans kart without telling him, he came in and said “it won’t turn” I told him. o.k. that’s a push. Try making some sizable changes and feel the difference. You will find out what you like that way. We never changed an axle the 1st year Roman raced (unless it was bent) now we could try 2-3 a day.

There is nothing wrong with your kart, bye the way. It looks like it is a competitive package in Tag for some regions but when I saw Dustin Courter struggling to stay in the top 5-6 positions, I wondered if it was going to be competitive here. Have never run one though.

Have fun this weekend.