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Kirk Deason

And we need to get you in a Tag that is not so “Easy” but maybe competitive. A new 4-stroke? Come ride Romans Motori? Spin a Tax? a water cooled “Easy”? You’ve such a skinny little butt, but we can pad you into something that’ll fit. Heal the wing and come try a few new things this year. After all, you have the most beautiful crew of anyone (I’ve met your daughter, it doesn’t get any better) You’ll have so much fun this year regardless.

Thanks, Rick! My crew chief will be with me again this sunday (57 degrees!!)at the Track. I asked her last night before bed if she wanted to go to the racetrack on Sunday..her eyes lit up “I LOVE going to the racetrack, daddy!” Hearing things like that can make a crappy day at work just disappear. I’m a happy dad.

Now as for the Easy, I’m going to rename it THE DOMINATOR. So far, the equipment is not my problem. Last year I was learning the basics of maintenance, prep and buying the necessary gear to have a succesful day at the track. Some people pick it up right away and know what to change on the kart to fix any handling problems. I, however, am just now learning what a lap should feel like and this summer I will begin changing the setup to improve handling. It took me longer than most to get my a$$ calibrated to the speeds. A couple weeks ago (last warm spell) it felt like things were beginning to click and I could tell in at least two specific corners that I needed less rear grip to get the kart to turn. (last year I was oblivious to such things and was blinded by my huge grin)

I would LOVE to drive one of the new 4-strokes, if anyone is offering. That class will probably be my upgrade path in the next year or two, provided I ever get last year paid off, hahah.

I imagine I’ll be seeing a lot of karters out practising on Sunday, will you and Roman be at the Track?