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Rick Schmidt

PostPosted: Thu 03 1, 2007 6:40 pm Post subject:
Rick….Cool picture, Can’t wait to see Welch’s avatar, Doug munching the head off a bat! Laughing Doug, I’m only kidding, you go girl.

Now Mikey,
I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time, holy smokes! You know….. Welch couldn’t just go through all of the mid life steps. He had to go straight to a sports car and biting the heads off of bats (God, I hope I never see him in eye liner) Anyway Dougey, make sure you chew it up good!!! Do Greg and Jeff know about this? And remember, Your wife can kick your a$$ up one side and down the other, and will only let out so much rein. So don’t go too deeply into the rock groupie scene. Stay with what you know, and know quite well, frankly! You go girl!

PostPosted: Thu 03 1, 2007 8:05 pm Post subject:
Nice pic, newguy. I’m jealous. I need an avatar now, this will take time. Bhole is really on another level, he has advanced the game.


Bhole is a God!

And we need to get you in a Tag that is not so “Easy” but maybe competitive. A new 4-stroke? Come ride Romans Motori? Spin a Tax? a water cooled “Easy”? You’ve such a skinny little butt, but we can pad you into something that’ll fit. Heal the wing and come try a few new things this year. After all, you have the most beautiful crew of anyone (I’ve met your daughter, it doesn’t get any better) You’ll have so much fun this year regardless.

Mike Jansen
PostPosted: Thu 03 1, 2007 6:09 pm Post subject:
your avtar is well… average

Now that Bhole guy, he’s got an avtar… Very Happy

I’m calling you to show me how to do it, the avtar the avtar…

As a man….. Well you’re pretty average too!

Well Jansen,

Jansen, Jansen, Jansen,

You really have no avatar (can’t believe I’m still speaking to you)

And you really are an average little man… But we can discuss that on our own, I’ll show you the avatar secret if you don’t cry when you loose the current status you embrace. Hate to send you home crying once again Mike! But 20 laps…Hey!

I used to run with Marc in post’s. That was then, this is now!

Rick :loony: